Education Through Authentic Collaboration

MAD Courses has been designed with the MAD values in mind, providing students with experiential learning through authentic interactions with current social entrepreneurs and local communities. The first MAD online programs were developed in 2019 in order to provide students with an enhanced, year-round learning experience.

The courses are designed so that students can connect to – and understand – sustainability and social enterprise from an emerging world perspective in a way which can normally only be achieved through an in-country visit.

Content is suitably adapted to different learning levels, from middle school to university professionals.

How is it different?

While there are many e-learning platforms worldwide which connect students to teachers, MAD Courses provides a space for participants to meet ‘real life’ social entrepreneurs. Through having the chance to interact with them – and even collaborate on projects together -we can foster inquiry-based, experiential learning for students wherever they are in the world.

Through these connections, we can provide students with the opportunity to have an authentic and meaningful experience which can help to distinguish their academic profile and promote global citizenship. Meanwhile, our courses are also adapted to professionals who want to learn more about social entrepreneurship as a means of supporting their professional development.

Our Programs

E-Learning Program

The Online Learning Program on Social entrepreneurship is a new approach to learn about sustainability and enables participants from anywhere in the world to have the opportunity to engage with social entrepreneurs and communities in the Philippines without leaving their classroom or home. Topics covered in the different courses include rural poverty, plastic pollution and deforestation and explore business solutions from a local perspective.

Topics will be brought to life through a series of engaging, short videos which will offer students a uniquely personal and local perspective.

Students will develop critical-thinking skills through asking social entrepreneurs questions which will be answered – in English – through video responses.

Schools are provided with extra resources to help teach concepts and topics highlighted in the course.

Check out this sample course material from our Community Development & Reforestation Course.

Online Mentorship Program

The Online Mentorship Program in Social Entrepreneurship is a collaborative program which enables students to work alongside different social entrepreneurs and find solutions to the challenges they are currently facing.

The program can be adapted to high school students (for example international school students looking for meaningful CAS initiatives) and university students looking to apply their skills to the ‘real world’.

Topics will be brought to life through a series of engaging, short videos upon which the participants will then interact and collaborate directly with several SE.

Participants will apply and develop useful skills by contributing to solving several real-life issues.

This program focus on the professional development of the participants on topics we think should be tackled by as many people as possible.


Ready to make a difference?

We would be very happy to adapt an online program to meet your curriculum needs. Please get in touch to find out more! Email us at partnerships@madtravel.org